Let us build your new PC to your exact desired specifications!

Whether it's Gaming, Designing, Financial Applications, or Working from Home, we can build to your specifications and your budget. We'll supply the PC that's right for you!

With our expert repair services, we make your PC feel like brand new!

We provide reliable, affordable services for everyone. We perform the ultimate health check to diagnose what’s wrong with your PC, and clean or deep clean as requested.


After consultation to find your exact needs, we build to your specifications, using quality parts which complement each other.

We build new PCs or refurbish and repair your older PCs using quality parts that have been thoroughly tested. (See pricing).

We repair PCs and/or clean with differing grades of thoroughness, depending on customer's needs (See pricing).

We are a small business providing on-time, reasonable repairs.

Our services are convenient for both individuals and businesses.


Consultation With Customers

Build New PC or

Repair/Refurbish Older PCs

Always Quality Parts

Tidy Cable Management

After-Sale Support for 6 Months

Range of Pricing, Depending on Services

Basic/Deep Cleaning (Starting at $40 to $100)

Basic Cleaning Service

$40 Does Not Include Disassembly

Deep Cleaning Service

$100 Includes Disassembly, Cleaning every Part, and Reassembly

Every PC Built Is

Assured Highest Quality

Quality Assurance

Parts According to Your Budget

Proper Component Selection

Meticulous Cable Management

Full Expansion Capability

Our Reputation Depends on Your Satisfaction

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